August 1, 2011
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 Still the Sun

Satinoxide - Still the Sun

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Satinoxide - Marloes

Name: Marloes Matthijssen

Date of Birth: 05-11-1980

Instrument(s): piano, synths, pen and paper, pc

Inspiration: Björk, Led Zeppelin, Faith no More, The Beatles, 16 Horsepower, Tori Amos, The Mars Volta, Ulver, Queens of the Stone Age, Pixar, Jim Henson, Monty Python, Vladimir Nabokov, Margaret Atwood.

Best drink: Cragganmore

Favourite cities: London, Lisboa, Antverpia, Helsinki


Top 5 favourite albums:
1 – Radiohead: OK Computer
2 – Tool: Aenima
3 – At the Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
4 – Devin Townsend: Accelerated Evolution
5 – Meshuggah: Destroy Erase Improve