Satinoxide - Timeline


2011- progressive metal (transcendental metal)

Musicians: Martijn van der Bliek, Oscar Postema, Marloes Matthijssen. Album: Still the Sun (2011) Honored guest musicians: Stef Broks, Christian Robbemond, Luc-O, Marjon van Iwaarden and Thorwald Jørgensen. Still the Sun was recorded in the Avalanche studio (Willy Berrevoets, a.o. Nuff Said). The album was mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound studio by Jochem Jacobs (Textures).


1998-2010 symphonic metal

Musicians: Martijn van der Bliek, Oscar Postema, Jeroen Simons, Maaike Rijk, Ad Sluijter, Marloes Matthijssen, Roel Aldewereld, Bram Huisson and Andy Spaan. Two (demo) cd’s: Eye of Time in 1999, recorded at Studio Moskou for the DSFA-label. The cd was mixed by Oscar Holleman (Ayreon, Krezip) in the RS29 studio. In 2001 the mini-album Duality was recorded, by Mark Nijssen at his studio. Cassiopeia organized a package club tour with Dutch metal bands After Forever and Horizon. Later, the band played alongside Tristania, Oceans of Sadness and Within Temptation. Album and show reviews were excellent. Brazilian Hellion records distributed the cd’s in South-America. All songs were also offered free for downloading. In 2002, Ad Sluijter and Jeroen Simons left the band to play in gothic metal band Epica. After that, Cassiopeia became a project rather than a band.


1994-1997 first death/trash, later symphonic metal

Musicians: Martijn van der Bliek, Jeroen Simons, Oscar Postema, Carlien Stadhouders, Richard Voet, Jasper van der Bliek and Bart Dietvorst. Three demo tapes, in the style of Sepultura. Later the band recorded the album A Storm is Brewing (1996). The cd was received well, both in national and international press. The band did shows with Within Temptation and a Dutch club tour with T-Nailed en Gail of God.