August 1, 2011
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 Still the Sun

Satinoxide - Still the Sun

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Satinoxide - Biography

Satinoxide biographySatinoxide is a Dutch progressive metal band from Middelburg, the Netherlands. Founding members are Oscar Postema (vocals, piano and synths), Martijn van der Bliek (electric and acoustic guitars) and Marloes Matthijssen (piano and synths).

Satinoxide creates transcendental metal: progressive metal with lots of different influences. Transcending genre, inspired by spirituality. The band name was invented by Martijn, combining the words ‘satin’ and ‘oxidation’. An apt moniker for the music they make: lush compositions fused with brutal metal. Satin Oxide also happens to be a range of cheap American hair products with added silicones. 

Satinoxide is the new incarnation of the symphonic metal band Cassiopeia, in which Oscar, Martijn and Marloes already made music together. Friends Oscar and Martijn go back a long way: in 1996 they started to write songs under the name of Tremor, which was later changed into Cassiopeia. Marloes joined the band in 1999, to take over the synths from Oscar so he could focus on vocals and performance.

Cassiopeia released two (demo) cd’s and performed alongside bands like After Forever, Horizon, Within Temptation, Oceans of Sadness and Tristania. The band loved to shock the metal audience by wearing glitter outfits and blending different styles together. In 2002, guitar player Ad Sluijter and drummer Jeroen Simons left the band to join gothic metal band Epica. Cassiopeia continued for a while with new musicians, but more and more as a project than a band. By choosing a new band name and amazing guest musicians, Satinoxide is a fresh new start.

Satinoxide biographyThe debut album is called ‘Still the Sun’, which was recorded in 2010 by Willy Berrevoets (Nuff Said) in the Avalanche studio. Mixing and mastering was completed early 2011 by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) in the Split Second Sound studio. Still the Sun was partly inspired by Buddhism and the Tibetan book of the Dead. Eight songs about life, love, lust and death. Original and adventurous metal, which features old school samples, shredding guitar solos, poetic lyrics, nineties synths and a theremin. Plus a complete Powa-ritual from Buddhist tradition: the song Three Stages of Being is a metal-meditation on dying, an authentic practice from the Tibetan book of the Dead.

Top musicians helped to bring ‘Still the Sun’ into existence: Stef Broks on drums (Textures, Exivious), Christian Robbemond on bass and Luc-O on lead guitar (X-proof, Sense). Marjon van Iwaarden (2 Unlimited) lends her vocals to the track ‘Strangers’. A special feature on the CD are the theremin solo’s from Thorwald Jørgensen on Throbbing Pulse of Death.

Still the Sun was released on August 1st 2011.